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Human Whack - A - Mole

This game is played with (6) Human Moles and (1) Whacker,
each Mole is trying to collect as many balls as possible before getting Whacked, once a Mole is Whacked he/she is eliminated until the next game, the Mole with the most balls at the end of the game becomes the next Whacker. 
this inflatable interactive unit is for all ages, rent it today for only $ 240.00 

LumberJack Bouncer
bouncing in this 13 x 13 Jumper will give kids a sense of endless adventures, providing them with never ending jumping fun.
Rent it today for only $110.00


This 15 X 15 Bouncer will be a blast off to any party it's out of the world

Rent it today for only $ 115.

Balloon Adventure Bouncer 15 x 15
this unit is beautiful it's one of the kids favorite, they love the big bright colores that will keep them bouncing for hours. this unit will fit into a 20x20 space
rent it today for only $ 115

Tropical Island  15 x 15
this adventure awaits with this tropical island bouncy house. Each visitor is greeted by plenty of colorful exotic animals, and even a pair of young surfers as they take off for an afternoon of bouncing. A perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity for only $ 110.00

Disney Princess Bouncer   14' L x 13' W x 12'H

The beauty of Disney's Princess is a sure draw with a bit of nobility. Participats are welcomeed by Ariel, Cinderrelia, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White, ready for the ball. Visitors will rule this bounce house kingdom, with plenty of room for bouncing fun all day long, it is the ideal way to combine fun and healthy activity.Rent it today for only $115.00

Fun Dome Bouncer
What a beautiful unit for your boy or girl next party!! This multi color dome shape bounce house is guaranteed to stand out, with it's outside basketball hoop and large open sides gives family and friends more time to watch the children bounce and play for hours. rent it today for only $120.00